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Wynyard Wharf to Waiheke sailings cancelled

Please be aware our Wynyard Wharf sailings to Waiheke Island have been cancelled on September 23rd, 24th,and 25th due to mechanical issues. Please call with any enquiries. Regards, SeaLink.

Updated:23 September 2019
Great Barrier Island sailing rescheduled

Due to weather, our sailing from Wynyard Wharf to Port Fitzroy on Tuesday 24th September has been rescheduled to Thursday 26th September. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please call with any queries. - SeaLink

Updated:23 September 2019
Changes to Waiheke Island pricing

Our passenger and vehicle (up to 5.5m) fares for Waiheke sailings now vary partly with demand. This means you may get a better deal if you plan ahead, and are flexible with sailing dates and times. A change fee will be charged if you wish to change your booking ($20 for a vehicle booking and $5 for a passenger only booking) plus any fare difference must be paid. New fares and change fees do not apply to Waiheke Residents’ Deals, Rental Car Deals, account customer rates, concessions and multi-passes.

Updated:06 August 2019