Onboard facilities

Check out what's onboard when you travel with us

Onboard facilities and service 

SeaLink Waiheke ferry Seacat passenger lounge

Lounge with licenced cafe/bar

All of our vehicle and passenger ferries have a licenced cafe/bar onboard so you can relax in the passenger lounge, while enjoying a coffee, hot or cold food and a large selection of beverages including some local island delights. You can also grab a map or local information from the brochure rack.

We do not serve alcohol on board any of our ferries on Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

"I had an awesome time on the ferry, great staff, very friendly, nice little cafe"  A. Da Silva

SeaLink Waiheke ferry Seacat cafe and bar food and beverages


Our liquor licence only allows alcohol purchased on the ferries, to be consumed onboard.  Drinking of alcohol is not permitted at the ferry terminals or on SeaLink premises. No drinking of alcohol is permitted in vehicles while onboard.


Enjoy our free Wifi while you're onboard. Just ask our crew for the password. 

*Operating a free service at sea can be a challenge.  There may be ‘black spots’ where the signal can be interrupted and speeds will vary. (Clipper ferries onboard Wifi coming soon).


Toilets are located near the passenger lounge and on some ferries on the vehicle deck as well.​

"Clean boat, friendly staff" J Hannah


Smoking is not permitted inside any SeaLink vessels. In the case of Dangerous Goods sailings, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside and outside our vessels including decks.

Safety onboard

Safety and information announcements are made through the PA system at the commencement of your journey. If you are travelling on one of our vehicle ferries, the crew will also inform you when to prepare for disembarking the ferry.

Crew are trained in first aid and first aid kits are available onboard. All our vehicle ferries carry defibrillors onboard in case of emergency. For your safety, we ask that you travel with any necessary medical supplies with you at all times.