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Tramping, fishing, surfing, stargazing - be prepared and pack more into your island adventure when you take your car!

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Off The Grid On The Barrier

So what is 'off the grid'?

Residents of Great Barrier Island revel in the fact that the island they call home is what is known as off the grid. 

You won't find a reticulated power or water system, no street lights or any shopping malls. Power is self generated (through wood burners, fuel generators or solar to name a few) and water is collected in tanks. Farmers markets are a particular delight where you'll experience a plethora of home grown delights.

It's all about minimalism, living simply and getting in touch with nature.

What this means for you when you're travelling to this piece of paradise is you just need to be really prepared. Mobile reception covers most of the island but not all. It's a great place to fully disconnect and maybe even turn off your phone while you're staying here to get the full experience.

It also helps to bring across your car so you can pack everything you need from bulk water bottles, to camping gear and your bike. Though you won't find a supermarket on the island, local stores stock necessities and cafes offer delicious cuisine often caught that day, or straight from the garden.

You'll also find it helpful to pack the following items:

For more information about living off the grid on Great Barrier Island visit today or save Destination Great Barrier's tips for travellers here!

Off the grid on the Barrier - Medlands Beach

Fancy a walk around the park?

You're on the fourth largest island in New Zealand - so why not experience all that its nature has to offer.

Whangapoua - Great Barrier Island SeaLink

There are so many available walking tracks arund Great Barrier Island, you'll need to visit more than once. The Aotea Conservation Park is particularly special, and DOC has recommended tracks for you to explore.

We definitely welcome dogs along for the ride with SeaLink, however they cannot be taken on the Aotea Conservation Park Tracks. There are many other tracks around the island where you can bring your dog along and we're sure they'd love the surroundings of those just as much. For the full list of where your dog can and cannot go, check out the list here.

Kauri Dieback has also appeared on Great Barrier Island and DOC is working with the community to try and reduce the spread as much as possible. Ensure all your tramping and camping gear are clean before and after your trip to Great Barrier Island and just always take precautions and stick to the designated tracks. More information on Kauri Dieback and what you can do to stop its spread can be found here.

Keep an eye on the DOC Great Barrier Aotea Tracks page for any updates or alerts on track closures.