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Great Barrier Island - 28 Oct 18

Due to the Auckland Marathon on 28 October our sailing to Great Barrier Island will be departing 1 hour early at 7am. Please check in at 6am to ensure you get through any road closures. 


-The SeaLink Team 

Updated:16 August 2018
Waiheke Schedule Changes

Due to operational requirements the following sailings have been cancelled:

Saturday 18 August - 8:15am from Wynyard Wharf to Waiheke and 10am from Waiheke to Wynyard Wharf

Sunday 19 August - 6pm from Half Moon Bay to Waiheke and 7pm from Waiheke to Half Moon Bay

Apologies for the inconvenience 

- The SeaLink Team

Updated:13 August 2018
Gold AT HOP card Waiheke Travel

Travelling to Waiheke Island as a foot passenger on your Gold AT HOP card from Half Moon Bay or Wynyard Quarter? Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please remember it is IMPORTANT that you 'tag on' when boarding and 'tag off' on arrival at your destination.

More information. Thanks in advance - The SeaLink Team

Updated:31 January 2018