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Are you a resident of Waiheke or Great Barrier Island? Create your member account in the portal and send us your proof of residence here and we'll sort the rest. 
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How do I sign up?

Simply go to the memberships portal and click on ‘Create account’. Enter the necessary details including your name, email address and preferred island destination. Set your password and click submit. You’ll receive an email confirming your account, click on the link within this email and login with the email address you signed up with and password you set.

How do I login?

Navigate to the login page here and sign in with the email you originally signed up with and the password you set. You can easily and securely reset it by clicking ‘I have forgotten my password’ from this page.

How do I reset my password?

On the log in page, you’ll find a ‘I have forgotten my password’ link. Click on this, enter your email address when prompted below the login button. You’ll then receive an email to reset your password. Follow the prompts and then return to the login page to log in with your new password

How do I change my details?

Once you’ve logged in, you can update your details by clicking on the text ‘Click here to update your details’. Once you’re on that page you can update all the fields available including adding your address if you wish. This is also another section where you can update your password while logged in.

How do I book a ticket?

You can book your ticket starting right from the dashboard. Click on the big red button that says ‘Book online’ to get started. Select the route/s you would like to take. After you’ve selected your preferred sailing and added passengers and vehicles you’ll then be taken to the payment page.  

I want to select a different return destination?

At the moment you will need to do two separate one-way bookings in order to do this from your dashboard. On the route selection page just select one-way for your chosen sailing such as Half Moon Bay to Waiheke and proceed with your booking. After you return to the dashboard, select 'Book online' again and choose the one-way return route you're after such as Kennedy Point to Hamer Street and proceed with the booking.

Alternatively, you can access the full Auckland to Waiheke list and return from the booking widget on the SeaLink home page or timetable pages. If you are already logged in, this should still associate itself to your membership account.

What is the 'Waiheke to Auckland Passenger Deal'?
This is a special rate exclusively for booking same day return passenger trips from Waiheke to Auckland only. These fares are set rates and not based on demand:

Fares One Way Return
Adult - $31.50**
Senior/Student - $27.00**
Child - $20.00**

** Foot passenger same day conditions: Return travel must commence from Waiheke Island. Passengers are required to complete both sectors of their return trip on the same day. If this does not happen an upgrade to FULL DEMAND DRIVEN FARE will be required.

How do I cancel a booking I’ve made?

You can now cancel your booking online from your portals' upcoming bookings section or visit to get started. Standard cancellation fees will apply to all cancellations. 

Cancellations cannot be made on resident deals where the first leg has been taken or on agent/fixed bookings.

If your cancellation requires a refund and your original payment was on a card you no longer have access to or was paid with cash, please give our bookings team a call at 0800 732 546 to process this for you.

How do I make a change to a booking I’ve made?

You can now make changes to your bookings online with no change fees applied up to 1 hour prior to your scheduled sailing for Waiheke bookings and 6 hours prior to your scheduled sailing for Great Barrier Island bookings. Online changes can include adding or removing passengers or switching to a different sailing time or date.

You can make changes right from your portals' upcoming bookings section or visit to get started. Changes cannot be made to agent/fixed bookings. Resident deal changes can only include sailing times or dates and where additional passengers have been included (the 1 adult and 1 car included in the package cannot be changed). 

If your change requires a refund and your original payment was on a card you no longer have access to or was paid with cash, please give our bookings team a call at 0800 732 546 to process this for you.

How do I see upcoming bookings?

These can be viewed directly on your dashboard. If you click on the arrow on the right, you’ll be able to see more details about your booking.

How do I see historical bookings?

There are 3 ways to find your historical bookings on the dashboard.

You can click on Booking History in the teal section at the top of the page or in the ‘Booking history’ section on the dashboard click on ‘Show me’. Alternatively, these can be found by either clicking ‘view all’ at the bottom of the ‘Upcoming bookings’ section on the dashboard homepage.

Then click on ‘View past bookings’ on the right hand side to access your past 10 bookings within the last 6 months.

How do I change my newsletter preference?
You can update your SeaLink newsletter preference in the 'Update my Details' section on your profile. You can opt in or out from this section. This may take approximately one week to apply.
How do I cancel my account?

Let us know at [email protected] if you wish to cancel your account. Alternatively let us know if the feedback from below and we'll let you know when this has been done. 

Memberships for Island residents

Memberships insitu on a beachHow to sign up?

Sign up as as a general members first as per the instructions above. If you are a resident we also ask that you complete the form found here and supply us with your proof of residency.

We will then switch your account to a residents member where you can access your resident deals right from the dashboard.

Do I need to have a SeaLink Membership account to become a resident member?

Yes! You'll need to sign up to the standard SeaLink membership account first before submitting your proof of residence.

What proof of residency I require?

Your proof of residence on Waiheke or Great Barrier Island can include your rates, utility bill, lease or rental agreement, insurance or a bank statement. An official letter that includes your name and address.

How do I submit or show my proof of residence?

You can load your residence document to the form here. Please also include a profile photo that we can add to your resident membership card. 

Will my membership expire?

Your membership will expire after 2 years, when you will need to submit another proof of residence to continue your access to the resident rates from the portal.

How do I book my resident deal?

Once you’ve registered as a resident, a button will show on your portal that will allow you to book the resident deal. Great Barrier residents will only see their resident deal button when the deal is active and bookable.

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