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6 podcasts to listen to on your cruise across the Hauraki Gulf

6 podcasts to listen to on your cruise across the Hauraki Gulf

Start your road trip or boat trip off well with these 6 must-listen podcasts!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view while listening to this variety of topics from educational, to sports to inspirational to perhaps the funniest thing you’ll listen to all year. 

  1. TED Podcasts
You will be educated, we promise. TED offers a great selection of experts in short consumable bites that help listeners understand more about the world around them. Find topics of interest, or listen to them all – you won’t regret it.

  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class
This podcast is great for those who wish they paid more attention back in their school history class. You’ll hear fun topics like the history of peanut butter, through to those on a more serious tone like Battle of Gettysburg. There’s something here for everyone and for all ages.
  1. RNZ: Black Sheep
This is a hidden gem that covers the shady and villainous characters of New Zealand History, brought to you by radio New Zealand. It will be a riveting and educational listen of a history that we don’t often talk about.
  1. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!
If you’re a fan of ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’ or ‘QI’, this is for you. Download the latest episodes and listen to some of the biggest international comedians of today talk to current events. It’ll test your own current events knowledge while having a laugh along the way.
  1. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
It’s the popular book in audio form and is well worth listening to for young and old, girls and boys alike. These 20-minute long episodes are a great look back at how inspiring women in history have made a difference, both portraying their wins and struggles in a digestible medium.
  1. The Joe Rogan Podcast
This podcast has been at the top of every podcast list for a very long time. Joe Rogan has a wide variety of guests with even wider topics of expertise. Go right back in this catalogue to find some podcasts of interest from sporting heroes, to high profile leaders, to celebrities.  

You can save these on any of your favourite podcasting apps.  Did we miss a must-listen podcast? Let us know at [email protected].

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