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Getting started with SeaLink Memberships

Getting started with SeaLink Memberships

So you’re a regular traveller with SeaLink? Over putting in your details each time you book? Wish we could save your credit card details for your next ferry trip? We’ve listened! We can now offer you a new membership program that answers much of the feedback we’ve been hearing!

We welcome a new membership portal that helps you track upcoming and past bookings, saves your details to auto-populate on bookings made via the portal, and you can manage your credit card details securely through the portal as well. It’s all under your control.

Your first step in joining this new program will be creating your account. By having this information, we can populate those personal details in the booking when you’re logged in. Create your account online here.

We’ll send you a verification email which will have a link to activate your new SeaLink membership account.

Once you’ve logged in, familiarise yourself with your new SeaLink membership portal. Check and update any contact details, add your address if you wish, or start your first booking.

When you make your first booking, you just need to select your starting route and choose whether it’s with or without a car and if you’re going one way or return.

We’ve also split out the return pages, which will make the page shorter, easier to navigate and quicker to load for those on mobile. Once you get to the payment page, you can securely save your credit card as part of this process too. Your credit card details can also be added, amended, and removed from your dashboard when you’re logged in.

Note, bookings that you have made before you’ve signed up to our membership program won’t appear in your portal. If you wish to connect your sailings and have them appear in your upcoming bookings section, send us an email with your booking reference and we can make the association for you. We will only be able to do this for upcoming bookings only and not historical bookings prior to signing up to the membership portal. 

Check out the video guides on our YouTube channel below or our FAQ section on the website here. If you can’t find an answer to the question you have, let us know in the membership feedback form here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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