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5 essentials for your trip to Waiheke

5 essentials for your trip to Waiheke

Waiheke Island is the ultimate staycation you can take in Auckland. You have not just the award-winning wineries, but also stunning beaches, adventure activities and breath-taking walks to experience. It’s just a ferry ride away across the beautiful Hauraki Gulf where, if you’re lucky, you’ll also see dolphins dance in the wake on the way.

So, what do you need to be able to make the most of this trip? Whether it’s for a day or for the long weekend – these 4 things are essential for you to pack in your backpack, car or handbag before starting your road trip.

  1. Bookings

Starting with a plan is a great place to begin! Check out our various roadtrip guides, pick your locations and book. Wineries and accommodation providers likely need to be booked prior to your visit, so knowing these are secured will help you have a stress free trip on Waiheke.

Travelling with a rental car? We have you covered. Check out our latest promotions that can help you get started with your Waiheke Roadtrip holiday.

Don’t forget to book the ferry trip too so you ensure you get your preferred sailing times to and from the island.

  1. Camera

Your phone camera will do just fine but be ready to take a photo at any chance you can. The rolling hills on your journey across Waiheke Island are beautiful and combined with a sunrise or sunset – it’s unmissable.

  1. Blanket

Grab a blanket that’s versatile is essential. Set up a picnic on a beach or just to help you keep warm on your staycation on Waiheke. The island in fact has its own micro-climate and is 1 degree warmer than the mainland, but weather can change quickly and having a warm blanket at hand - you won’t regret it. Often these are provided at wineries as well.

  1. Designated driver

This is an absolute essential! If you’re going to wineries and driving between each one, you must assign someone to be your sober driver. If you're visiting for multiple days – share the load and designate someone different each day. Taxis can be costly and if you don’t all have a hop card or cash on hand to travel around the island, it could get awkward and expensive.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Not only for the journey across, you may find yourself wanting to adventure further afield, so you won't regret packing that pair of comfy sneakers. 

If you’re staying for a few days and likely visit a winery like Man O War on the Eastern side of the island near Stony Batter and family owned Poderi Crisci Vineyard and Restaurant with Italian flair and a passion for traditional winemaking, pack some nice dressy shoes, but you’ll be thankful your main pair are comfy sneakers or walking shoes too.

All packed and ready to go now? Ensure you have the above 5 points ticked off and you’ll be set to have an enjoyable and stress-free break away on Waiheke.

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