Looking after our communities and the Hauraki Gulf environment

Long history of sponsorships

SeaLink is a proud and proactive participant in our Hauraki Gulf communities and supports the sustainable growth and ambitions of our communities both on and off-island. We contribute to various events on both Waiheke and Great Barrier Islands as well as our local Auckland community through the donation of ferry travel vouchers, as well as discounted travel.

Among our most well known sponsorships are St John, Auckland Rescue Helicopter, Jassy Dean Trust (supporting sick children on Waiheke), Onetangi Beach Races (Waiheke Rotary), Waiheke Island Rugby Club, Waiheke learner licence drivers scheme and the Island schools.

Primary areas of support


Supporting Waiheke community projects that add real value to society and benefit those in greatest need.

Waiheke Island Rugby Club team on SeaLink Waiheke ferry

Natural Environment

Support to protect and enhance the land, waterways, flora and fauna of the Hauraki Gulf. 

Native bush on Great Barrier Island

Tryphena Great Barrier


Supporting Great Barrier community projects, including educational and environmental.

Forklifts at Wynyard wharf

Health & Safety

Support for organisations that provide health and wellbeing services and that promote safe behaviour.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility must fall within the identified areas of support above. SeaLink does not provide support for:

  • Individuals
  • Individuals and organisations eligible for nationally funded social programs and/or special fares
  • Commercial, conference or for-profit businesses
  • Religious or political organisations

Whilst we are unable to support every request, we endeavour to make a positive influence in our community. Requests for travel assistance that do not meet our eligibility criteria may be directed to our customer service team for information on discounted fare options, email now.

How to apply

Our sponsorship application form is currently closed for submissions. We are not able to accept any sponsorship requests at this time. This form will reopen for submissions on the 1st May, 2020.

Prior to making a submission, please read our Sponsorship policy. If your organisation is eligible to apply for support, you may submit an application for sponsorship using our online form only, from one of our two submission dates:

  • Friday May 1, 2020
  • Sunday November 1, 2020

*Please note we will not be fulfilling any sponsorship requests for travel in the months of December and January.

Onetangi Beach Races 2017

St John Ambulance supporter

Jassy Dean Trust supporting Waiheke sick children

Waiheke Community Art Gallery