Sponsorship policy

All you need to know about applying for sponsorship

SeaLink sponsorship policy


1. Scope

This policy applies to sponsorships made by SeaLink at a head office level.  All approved sponsorships must provide significant geographical or target market reach and must be measured against a strict set of criteria and as such all requests to the business must be directed to head office for review and approval. Please see our website for current submission dates.

Sponsorships: Under a sponsorship arrangement, the company generally enters into a long term partnership with an organisation for mutual benefit. The benefits to the company in return may include:

  • naming rights;
  • display and promotion of the SeaLink brand;
  • verbal, written and visual acknowledgement at events, functions, etc and
  • opportunities to involve SeaLink employees

A sponsorship is generally for a fixed term, determined by a time frame, occasion or event.

2. Sponsorship eligibility criteria

Principals governing SeaLink sponsorship and donation decisions:

  • potential to develop strategic, long-term partnerships with community organisations;
  • activities are deemed to have significant geographical or target market reach;
  • appropriate fit with SeaLink brand, and company values (appendix 1);
  • existing relationship and connection to SeaLink and its community;
  • potential for promotional opportunities to be taken;
  • support for not-for-profit organisations; and
  • potential to involve SeaLink employees

Areas of support

SeaLink’s sponsorship activity supports the following areas of interest.

  • Community – support for community projects that add real value to society and benefit those in greatest need, whether it be social, educational, cultural or environmental
  • Health & Safety – support for organisations that provide health and wellbeing services and that promote safe behaviour
  • Natural Environment – support to protect and enhance the land, waterways, flora and fauna of the Hauraki Gulf


In line with these guidelines, SeaLink will not support:

  • commercial, for-profit businesses;
  • activities outside the reach of the SeaLink community, or that do not have significant geographical or target market reach;
  • applications from political organisations or campaigns;
  • activities that may be considered disruptive (promote conflict) within the community;
  • applications from religious organisations for religious purposes;
  • applications from individuals.
  • applications from individuals or organisations eligible for nationally funded social programs and/or special fares

3. Application process

Formal requests for sponsorships should be made by completing the Application for Sponsorship form.  The application should address the principles and criteria set out in this document.

4. Decision and Response Time

All applications for funding will be measured against the criteria set out in this document. All requests will be reviewed in the first instance by the Marketing team for approval or rejection. Processing and a response will take a minimum of 10 working days. If further input is required, requests will be presented to the Management team during the monthly Management meeting (thus, potentially extending the 10 working days processing time). Please be aware that due to the large volume of sponsorship requests we receive, not all requests will be accepted.

Appendix 1:

SeaLink Brand Values;

Safety (Marutau) – We take care of each other and our customers.

Teamwork (Mahi tahi) – We're in it together.

Service (Panekiretanga) – Providing excellence to the customer, environment and the community.

Integrity (Ngākau pono) – We walk the talk.