Unaccompanied minor travel

For children travelling by themselves

Required form 'Unaccompanied Minor form' does not exist.
Please skip this question, if you are traveling to/from Pine Harbour.
Specify age between 7years & 12years

I/We acknowledge that SeaLink does not permit children under 14yrs old to travel unaccompanied, unless permission is given by a parent/guardian. I confirm the minor is over 7yrs old. I confirm that the persons seeing off and meeting the minor will remain at the passenger terminal until the sailing has departed and that person will be available at the destination terminal at the scheduled time of the sailings arrival. Should the minor not be met at the destination port SeaLink is authorised to take whatever action they consider necessary to ensure the minors safe custody. During the journey the minor must stay in the confines of the passenger cabin and must at all times obey the instructions of the crew. I/We indemnify SeaLink Travel Group NZ Ltd/SeaLink New Zealand Ltd against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, or expenses incurred either directly or arising out of any non compliance of SeaLink's Terms and Conditions.