SeaLink Christmas Show

Yorama Drama LogoWaiheke Artworks Theatre and Yorama Drama are thrilled to have collaborated with us to create a nautical themed Christmas show called Captain Claws!

Yorama Drama is run by Alisha Paul who is the co-director at Artworks Theatre. She'll be working with another teacher and dance choreographer/assistant director (Rebecca Gunson), playwright & theatre maker (Barnie Duncan) and a musician (Josh Clark).

The show will be performed at Artworks Theatre on December the 5th at 12pm and 2pm and is open to the public. The show will be an entertaining, magical and quirky adventure story involving 25 Waiheke kids aged between 5-10 years old. 

Tickets to the show are $10 for adults and FREE for kids (13 and under). Proceeds go towards supporting the local Waiheke theatre. Book online and find out more at the Waiheke Artworks Theatre here.