Membership for Residents

Submit your proof of residency and find out more about being a SeaLink member.

Securely upload your image and your proof of Waiheke Island residence below.

Step 1: Sign up to a SeaLink Membership account

Step 2: Confirm your account from the link in the email sent to you

Step 3: Submit your proof of residence in the form below to access the resident rates through your Sealink Membership account

You can be a home owner, renter or bach owner. Your proof can include a rates or utility bill or lease or rental agreement (from within the last 6 months).

We'll let you know when it's all confirmed and when you can access your residents deals from the membership portal. 

Any questions, let us know at [email protected]

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Your proof of residency submission form:

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This can include a recent rates or utilities bill or lease or rental agreement (from within the last 6 months) for your Waiheke home
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