All SeaLink vessels have EFTPOS facilities and licensed cafes (excluding our Clipper vessels) serving a selection of hot and cold food and beverages.


This luxury vessel was purpose-built for SeaLink's Waiheke Island service. With her state-of-the-art technology, comfortable seats and plasma screens with three listening zones, she is the pride of our fleet. Step aboard and enjoy that cruise ship feel! Ask for Seacat when travelling from Half Moon Bay.



Seaway operates weekdays from Half Moon Bay; and from 11 Brigham Street (opposite the Auckland Fish Market) on Friday evenings and weekends. Enjoy the coastal views in enclosed comfort.



Seabridge operates weekdays between Wynyard Wharf (11 Brigham Street) and Waiheke Island. This vessel also operates to Great Barrier Island over the peak summer period.




Seamaster operates between Half Moon Bay and Waiheke Island.



Island Navigator

This catamaran transports passengers, vehicles and freight between Wynyard Wharf,  Auckland and Great Barrier Island. There are two lounges for reading, snoozing or quiet contemplation, and a babies and toddlers play area, as well as two movie theatres. Bench seats run the length of the vessel above the vehicle deck, providing ample opportunities to see dolphins, orca, whales and seabirds and to enjoy the weather and the stunning scenery.


Clipper II, III, IV, & V

These ferriess run between Pine Harbour marina and downtown Auckland 15 times daily, Monday-Friday (excluding Public Holidays). They are modern, high-speed catamarans which can transport between 49 - 99 passengers at a time, either in the relaxing comfort of the inside cabin or on the open deck, for an exhilarating ride.