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Waiheke schedule changes

Please be aware the following Waiheke sailings have been cancelled:

Sunday 25th March -  The 4:15pm from Wynyard wharf and 5:30pm from kennedy point.

Monday 23rd April - 11am from Half Moon Bay & 12pm from Waiheke . Also the 4:30pm from Waiheke will be departing at 4pm. 


-The SeaLink Team

Updated:14 March 2018
Additional Waiheke Sailing's - 30th March

Due to demand we have scheduled additional sailings on Good Friday as below: 

From Wynyard Wharf (Auckland Central) to Kennedy Point (Waiheke):



From Kennedy Point (Waiheke)to Wynyard Wharf (Auckland Central):



Book now to avoid disappointment 

- The SeaLink Team

Updated:13 March 2018
Additional Sailing's - Great Barrier Island - Easter Weekend

Due to demand we have scheduled additional sailings over easter weekend. We will now be departing on the Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April from Auckland at 8am returning from Great barrier at 3pm. 

Book now to avoid disappointment

- The SeaLink Team 

Updated:27 February 2018