FreightLink Cartage handles the consolidation of freight items to Waiheke Island. FreightLink offers daily freight sailings to and from the island.

FreightLink's services include:

  • General freight
  • Container and temperature controlled goods
  • Building supplies
  • Courier and same day delivery
  • Furniture delivery and removals
  • Hi-ab and specialised delivery service
  • Palletised products
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fragile freight

For enquiries about getting freight to or from the island:

Visit FreightLink’s website

Call FreightLink on (09) 265 1279

Or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Please deliver freight to 25 Springs Road, East Tamaki the day before the sailing.

Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Bees

No bees or hives are to be transported on a regular sailing at any time – all movements will be in evening and at night on individual charter or a fuel run. This is to be arranged with SeaLink.

  • The bee keeper and transporter is required to remain on board and monitor the load.
  • The bee keeper, and transporter are required to agree a suitable emergency plan and medical provision (such as the ability to administer adrenaline (Epi-pen) prior to sailing.
  • All hives and hives are to be safely secured. The hive must be secure against shifting components, which would inevitably allow leakage.
  • The hive must be suitably covered with netting preventing the bees escape.
  • Vehicle(s) must be parked in gear with handbrake on – the vehicle is to be secured to the deck with tie down straps.
  • Shipment will be refused if any of the above conditions are not meet and shipping is at the master’s discretion.

Please call us on 0800 732 546 to discuss you bee transportation arrangements.


Dangerous Goods Quantities and Limits


For information regarding biosecurity requirements for freight to Waiheke Island, contact Auckland Council Biosecurity (09) 301 0101.