Seamaster is the work horse of the fleet, and is the ferry of choice to many of our freight customers


Seamaster is the work horse in our fleet, and is the ferry of choice to many of our freight customers. It is barge style with an open deck transporting passengers, heavy vehicles and freight primarily between Half Moon Bay, East Auckland and Waiheke Island. For boarding you are required to reverse your vehicle on the ferry so when you reach your destination you can just drive off.   

SeaLink ferry Seamaster at Kennedy Point, Waiheke IslandThis ferry operates to other islands as required for charters. If it’s the transporting of a house or building supplies then Seamaster is the ferry for you.

Onboard facilities

Onboard you can sit in the passenger lounge, or head up to the top deck and enjoy food and drinks served from the licenced café/bar. Admire the view from here and feel the breeze in your hair on the partially open deck.

  • Licenced cafe/bar
  • Waiheke maps and local information
  • Toilets located on both the vehicle deck and alongside the lounge area

Note: This ferry is unsuitable for walk on passengers with dogs, due to limited pet friendly shelter.

SeaLink ferry Seamaster cafe and outside passenger deck

Safety onboard

Safety and information announcements are made through the PA system at the commencement of your journey. The crew will also inform you when to prepare for disembarking the ferry.

Crew are trained in basic first aid and a first aid kit is available onboard. For your safety, we ask that you travel with any necessary medical supplies with you at all times.


Our liquor licence only allows alcohol purchased on the ferries, to be consumed onboard. Drinking of alcohol is not permitted at the ferry terminals or on SeaLink premises. No drinking of alcohol is permitted in vehicles while onboard.

SeaLink ferry inside the Seamaster passenger lounge

Lost and found

If you realise you’ve left something onboard, please contact us and we’ll make every effort possible to reunite you with your lost items.

Safe travel for all passengers

Here at SeaLink we operate a Zero Harm policy throughout the company to ensure our passengers, crew, team and customers are all safe. Our team are all trained to identify and mitigate risks. Our crew are trained and are knowledgeable on how to ensure the ferry environment is as safe as it can practicably be.

For this reason, when travelling with dangerous goods we rely on goods being correctly identified, packaged, handled and documented for safe carriage. All fuels must travel in an approved fuel container.

To ensure your own personal safety, we request that if you are unsure if you are travelling with dangerous goods that you check the list below, refer to our Dangerous Goods onboard SeaLink vessels and if you are still unsure that you contact us for further assistance.

The technical stuff

Passenger capacity: 300

Length: 41.38m

Speed: 9 knots