Locally known as Big Red, Seacat is the largest ferry and flagship of our fleet


Seacat, locally known as Big Red is the largest ferry and flagship of our fleet. It is purpose built for transporting passengers and vehicles between Half Moon Bay, East Auckland and Waiheke Island.

Seacat has high sides with most of the vehicle deck covered leaving just the front as an open deck space to carry high roofed vehicles.

SeaLink ferry the Seacat or big red, passengers disembarking

Onboard facilities

Relax upstairs in the large comfortable lounge, while enjoying food and drinks from the licenced café/bar.

Admire the view through the expansive windows or head up another level to feel the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair on the top deck. Other facilities include:

  • Licenced cafe/bar
  • SKY TV
  • Waiheke maps and local information
  • Complimentary *Wi-fi. Just ask our crew for the password
  • Limited power outlets to charge your device
  • Toilets located forward in the lounge area and on the vehicle deck

*Operating a free service at sea can be a challenge.  There are ‘black spots’ where the signal can be interrupted and speeds will vary.

SeaLink ferry Seacat onboard cafe and passenger lounge


Our liquor licence only allows alcohol purchased on the ferries, to be consumed onboard.  Drinking of alcohol is not permitted at the ferry terminals or on SeaLink premises. No drinking of alcohol is permitted in vehicles while onboard.

Safety onboard

Safety and information announcements are made through the PA system at the commencement of your journey. The crew will also inform you when to prepare for disembarking the ferry.

Crew are trained in basic first aid and a first aid kit is available onboard.  For your safety, we ask that you travel with any necessary medical supplies with you at all times.

SeaLink Waiheke ferry Seacat passenger lounge

Lost and found

If you realise you’ve left something onboard, please contact us and we’ll make every effort possible to reunite you with your lost items.

SeaLink ferry Seacat in port at Kennedy Point, Waiheke

The technical stuff

Passenger capacity: 400

Length: 49.5m

Speed: 15knots