We are working with DOC and the Auckland Council to help protect the special ‘treasure islands’ of the Hauraki Gulf from pests. 

This partnership has resulted with SeaLink being granted a ‘Treasure Islands Pest Free Warrant’.SeaLink is licensed by DOC and the Auckland Council to visit pest-free conservation islands and other islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Prepare for your trip by being alert for stowaways such as Argentine ants, rainbow skinks, soil, seeds, mice or rats. 


  • Make sure all food is packed and sealed in plastic rodent proof containers with lid. Ensure cardboard boxes are closed and taped – there must be no opportunity for an unwanted pest to access the box in transit.
  • Ensure all footwear and gear is clean and free of soil.
  • Thoroughly check any camping or overnight gear for stowaways. Gear that has been stored is high risk.
  • Thoroughly check seedlings, potting mix or plant matter to ensure there are no hitch-hikers.
  • Seal up your gear/food as soon as you have finished packing and leaved them closed till to reach your destination.

Without your co-operation your trip may not be able to take place, so if you have any doubts or questions about biosecurity, please ask. 

Help us keep the Hauraki Gulf pest-free by following these simple guidelines

If you're taking a vehicle, please have a look at the biosecurity checklist

For more information visit their website www.treasureislands.co.nz for more information